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We print our business cards to the highest quality standards in the industry. Your cards will be printed on uncoated or gloss high-quality stocks minimum of 15 points thick; other business card companies commonly only use card stocks that range from 8 points to 12 points thick. In addition to thickness there are many other factors that go into manufacturing high quality business cards, read more here:

Choosing Quality Business Card Paper

We offer three finishes for your business cards, all three are of equal high quality. The style of business card you choose should only be based on your personal preference. All three stocks print bright and vibrant. The three business card finishes we offer are as follows:

1. Uncoated
2. Standard Gloss
3. High Gloss UV

The Uncoated stock and the Standard Gloss stock can both be written on with a pen, the Super Gloss UV stock cannot be written on with a pen.

All of our cards are offset printed; no copiers or inkjet printing is ever used. All of our cards are printed and or coated to ensure maximum protection against offsetting (the ink rubbing off from one card to another) and wear and tear.

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